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NPP has lost grip of the Ashanti Region – Political analyst.

NPP has lost grip of the Ashanti Region – Political analyst.
NPP has lost grip of the Ashanti Region – Political analyst.

Political scientist, Dr. Amakye Boateng presented a startling study in a recent talk on Ghana's political scene, indicating that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is seeing a marked reduction of power in the Ashanti Region.

Dr. Boateng ascribed this downturn to the party's apparent inability to make wise and calculated choices during its eight-year leadership, as well as its hesitancy in choosing a running partner from the area.

Dr. Boateng said that the Ashanti Region, the NPP's once-dominant heartland, is now exhibiting symptoms of waning support. He stressed that the present political environment does not augur well for the party, especially with regard to its ambitions to continue ruling for more than the customary two terms.

“The NPP is not strong any longer in the Ashanti Region, the current context does not favor the NPP, they believe they will break the 8, but I don’t think it will happen, what exactly have they done in the Ashanti Region,” he quizzed.

In support of a calculated move by the NPP and its candidate, Mahamudu Bawumia, Dr. Boateng said that choosing a running mate from the Ashanti Region would help the party regain its prominence. In addition to stressing the value of regionalism in administration, he called on the party to show its support for the Ashanti people.

“There is this feeling in the Ashanti Region that begs the question of the effect of the party in the region, so the running mate issue if he/she does not come from the Ashanti Region it will cause turmoil. Choosing the running mate from the region will make the people know they matter in governance and that their views are respected,” Dr. Boateng asserted, emphasizing the need for inclusivity in political decision-making.

Dr. Boateng voiced doubts about Mahamudu Bawumia's decision to shift his emphasis from the economy to digitalization. He said that Bawumia's credibility has suffered as a result of the transition, especially in light of the country's growing financial issue.

“With the country grappling with significant debt burdens, Bawumia’s pivot towards digitalization and away from the economy has raised eyebrows,” Dr. Boateng stated, highlighting the imperative of addressing economic challenges head-on.

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Source: HR Forum News

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