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MTN bundle codes for voice & data packages in Ghana.

MTN bundle codes for voice & data packages in Ghana.
MTN bundle codes for voice & data packages in Ghana.

Are you a user of MTN seeking to optimise your expenses on data, voice, and SMS bundles? Please find below a list of recommended MTN bundle codes that can be utilised to access a diverse range of data bundles on the MTN network.

MTN is recognised as the leading telecommunications network in Ghana. Given that over 50% of the population relies on this network for their daily communication requirements, it is imperative for the company to offer exceptional services. In addition to our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we also offer competitively priced data, voice, and SMS bundles.

MTN Ghana provides cost-effective data bundles. Nevertheless, numerous users encounter difficulties in locating the most optimal bundle deals that align with their requirements and financial constraints. In this article, a comprehensive compilation of MTN bundle codes for voice and data packages is presented. In order to optimise your mobile experience, it is essential to familiarise yourself with these codes.

MTN Bundle Codes for voice & data packages in Ghana.

There are several MTN bundle codes for purchasing data and voice packages. It depends on which one you choose to subscribe to.

MTN offers a range of data bundle plans that cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you want data, voice, or a combination of both, there is definitely something for you. I have listed some of the bundles below.

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1. Regular data bundle

The regular data bundle is the standard data package that is commonly purchased by MTN users. The bundle can be accessed by dialling the short code *138#. However, the majority of individuals tend to opt for packages that do not have an expiration date. There are additional packages that are readily accessible. Please review the following cost-effective packages:

**Midnight bundle
If you possess the ability to remain awake throughout the night, subscribing to this package should be a straightforward task for you. This package offers an exclusive internet bundle, providing up to 8GB of data that is specifically allocated for usage between the hours of 12 am and 4:30 am. The maximum price for this bundle is GHS 2.99. The product does not have an expiration date, and customers have the option to make multiple purchases.

**Kokrokoo bundle
The Kokrokoo bundle is considered to be one of the most cost-effective bundles available. Customers are provided with the opportunity to acquire a data package of 400MB specifically designated for usage during the early morning hours. The bundle is available for purchase at a minimum price of GHS 1.00. If you require the standard MTN bundle codes, please find them below.

2. Mashup (Data, Voice, and SMS combo)

MTN Pulse, also commonly referred to as MashUp, is a comprehensive data bundle package that includes data, voice, and SMS services. The bundle code *567# has gained significant popularity among MTN users due to its high subscription rate.

This bundle does not have an expiration date, and you have the option to choose either a voice bundle or a combo. The pricing of these bundles is more affordable compared to the standard bundles.

3. MTN Just4U

The MTN Just4U is a data bundle package designed to cater to the unique needs of individual users. Every user is eligible for personalised special offers based on their individual internet usage.

The bundles can be obtained by dialling the shortcode *141#. The offers you receive are contingent upon the specific availability exclusive to your circumstances. The specific amount of data bundle available for purchase may not be disclosed, however, rest assured that you will have access to exceptional offers.

4. MTN Jaara

The MTN Jaara offer is exclusively available in specific regions of Ghana. This is a bundled promotion that offers unlimited calling rates at a fixed price during weekdays.

The offer provides the opportunity to make free on-net calls from morning to evening, with the subscription fee varying between GHS 0.50 and GHS 1.00, depending on the chosen package. This offer is limited to specific regions in Ghana, and eligibility requires a substantial period of residency in those areas. The service can be accessed by dialling the short code *550#.

5. Sunday Special

This code represents one of the MTN bundle options that provides users with combo bundles. For a nominal fee of GHS 1.06, users are able to avail themselves of the opportunity to send text messages and make phone calls on Sundays, commencing from 12:00 am and concluding at 11:59 pm. There is an additional package available that offers voice calling and text messaging services from 12:00 am to 5:59 pm.

This call package offers a highly competitive pricing structure. To initiate a purchase, please dial *550#. The Sunday special offer is exclusively applicable on Sundays. For further details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

6. MTN Zone bundle

The MTN zone bundle code *135# is currently widely recognised and utilised. The discounted data bundle offers a greater amount of data at a reduced cost. Despite the recent adjustments, the data bundles offered still remain one of the most favourable options available.

In conclusion, there are several MTN bundle codes available that offer enhanced value at a reduced cost. It is your responsibility to assess and determine which option will be most advantageous for you. Regardless of whether you engage in a higher volume of phone calls, text messaging, or internet browsing, there are certainly options available to suit your needs.

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