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How to check your MTN number in Ghana.

How to check your MTN number in Ghana.
How to check your MTN number in Ghana. 

As a result of the increasing availability of dual SIM smartphones, it has become more convenient for individuals to possess multiple SIM cards from different service providers, including MTN Ghana. Memorising multiple sets of digits can present a challenge when they are arranged in multiple lines. In this particular scenario, it is imperative to possess the knowledge on how to check your MTN number in Ghana.

There are several methods on how to check your MTN number. The techniques involved are relatively straightforward, as they do not require any specialised skills.

How to check your MTN number in Ghana

Please utilise any of the provided options to obtain your SIM card details as a subscriber of MTN. In order to complete the majority of the procedures, the following items will be required:

  • A mobile phone with the MTN SIM card in question active
  • Good network coverage
  • A credit balance of at least GHC1.00 for some steps

1. Your SIM card’s casing

This method provides the most efficient way to retrieve your MTN phone number. It is necessary to locate the plastic exoskeleton that was originally packaged with your product. After obtaining the device, please proceed to flip it over to access the backside where you will find the SIM information displayed. The provided information will encompass your Personal Identification Number (PIN), Personal Unlocking Key (PUK), and telephone number. It is advisable to store the case in a secure location, as it will be necessary in the event of a lost or blocked line.

2. Contacting MTN call centre

Customers are encouraged to direct any inquiries regarding MTN's services and SIM cards to their dedicated customer care team. They are readily available to provide assistance and address any concerns. The representatives possess comprehensive access to all of your account details, encompassing your airtime balance, bundles, and subscriptions. Please follow the steps below to determine your number:

  • Launch your app list
  • Scroll down to the ‘Phone’ app. In some older models, this application is named ‘Dial’ and has a call icon.
  • Key in 100 using the dial pad
  • Make the call from your MTN line
  • Reply with your preferred language
  • Follow prompts to speak to their agents
  • Ask him/her to tell you your phone number
  • Write on a piece of paper for future references

This procedure is entirely free.

3. How to check your MTN number via USSD

Follow these steps:

  • Go to your ‘Phone’ or ‘Dial’ app
  • Launch the dial pad. Skip this step in case you are not using a touch screen gadget
  • Key in *156# as your USSD code:
  • Tap the call button
  • Select the SIM in question in case you are using a dual SIM gadget
  • Follow prompts to access the much-needed details free of charge

4. How to check your MTN number via a call

In order for the procedure to be successful, it is necessary to have sufficient airtime balance. It is advisable to possess an additional mobile device. The gadget could belong to your friend. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open your ‘Phone’ or ‘Dial’ app
  • Launch the dial pad. In some models, this will be pre-launched automatically as soon as you open the application.
  • Ask your friend to dictate to you his or her mobile number. In case you have two phones, type in the known number
  • Call from the MTN SIM in question
  • Obtain your card details from the secondary gadget’s call log
  • In order to minimise airtime consumption, it is advisable to refrain from answering the call. If you do not have sufficient airtime balance, an alternative option is to utilise the "Pay for Me" service provided by MTN.

This service allows you to make a call even if your own MTN SIM card does not have available funds, as long as the recipient's MTN SIM card has a balance. Please dial the number 154[244xxxxxx]. Please substitute the "x's" with the desired phone number you intend to dial.

5. How to check your MTN number through SMS

If you are utilising a dual SIM card and possess knowledge of one of the active phone numbers on the device, it is possible to ascertain your MTN card information without relying on a third party. If your device is limited to accepting only one line, it will be necessary for you to utilise a friend's phone and obtain access to free SMS or airtime in order to proceed. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to your messages app. The application is visible on your homepage and can also be accessed via your App List.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon to compose a new message
  • Enter the known phone number on the receiver’s text box
  • Type any word in the SMS body.
  • You could key in “My Number.”
  • Send the SMS from the MTN line in question

If you had some free SMSs or airtime, the procedure should be a success. Note the contact details on a piece of paper for future reference.

6. Check your MTN number via the call me back service

You need access to another MTN SIM card. It could be your friend’s or even yours if you own a dual-line phone. Use the steps below to send a please call me.

  • Open your ‘Messages’ app
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button to send a new text
  • Enter the recipient as 1399
  • Key in ‘024xxxxxx 1’ without the quotation marks. The x’s should be replaced by the known MTN phone number.
  • Tap the sent button
  • The SIM card you entered will receive a “Please Call Me” SMS. Note down the contact details of the unknown line on a piece of paper for future reference.
  • If you can’t access any writing material, save the number to your contacts and name it “My Number.” Next time you need it; you won’t have to go through all these steps. You only need to open your ‘Contacts’ or ‘Phonebook’ app, and there you have it.

How to check your MTN registration details

To inquire about your SIM status and obtain relevant information, please contact our customer care department by dialling 100. In addition, you have the option to dial *400# in order to verify your registration information. If no information is available or if it has been inaccurately recorded, we recommend that you visit any MTN service centre nationwide with your original identification document for an update.

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