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MTN short codes and services in Ghana.

MTN short codes and services in Ghana.
MTN short codes and services in Ghana.

In this article, is a comprehensive list of MTN short codes for various services in Ghana, encompassing data bundle activation, MTN mobile money top-up, MTN credit transfer, MTN free calls, and other related services.

MTN is recognised as the leading mobile telecommunications service provider in the country of Ghana. And as mentioned earlier, this article will present a full list of MTN short codes for the diverse range of services offered by MTN Ghana.

MTN Ghana offers a wide range of services, making it understandable for individuals to occasionally overlook certain offerings. It is recommended that you bookmark this page for convenient access to MTN short codes at any time.

MTN short codes and services in Ghana.

  • *134*PIN#- to recharge airtime
  • *135*55*1#- to activate MTN Zone Snapi Bundle
  • *550# (option 6)- to activate MTN Free After 1 (Nkomode)
  • *550# (for new subscribers)- to activate free calls for six months offer
  • *455#- to receive accurate weather forecasts at 8 GP/ SMS
  • *124#- to check your credit balance
  • *140#- to check Blackberry plans
  • 100- to contact the call center
  • **67*02XXXXXXXX*11#- to divert calls when busy
  • **61*02XXXXXXXX*11#- to divert calls when there is no answer
  • **62*02XXXXXXXX*11#- to divert calls when unreachable
  • 1355- to activate Caller Tunez
  • *156#- to check your mobile number
  • ##21#- to deactivate diversion of calls
  • **21*02XXXXXXXX*11#- to divert all calls
  • *511#- to generate Mobile Money ATM token
  • *300*20#- to receive cool jokes
  • Movies to 1412- to get Silverbird movie schedule
  • *138*3#- IDD package
  • *138#- to view internet bundles/SMS bundles
  • *138*1*1#-to purchase internet bundles from 300 MB-10 GB
  • *138*1*5#- to purchase internet social bundles
  • *138*1*4#- to purchase unlimited internet bundles
  • *138*1*2#- to purchase weekly internet bundles from 25 MB-500 MB
  • 30037- MTN Farm Direct (receive great farming tips)
  • *5055#- MTN Jara
  • *567*4#- MTN Mashup Balance
  • *170#- MTN mobile money access code and portal
  • 154[0244000000]- MTN Pay For Me. (Dial 154 followed by number-with no space- to make the cll recipient pay)
  • *567#- MTN Pulse
  • 1303- MTN Radio
  • PORT to 600- Number portability to other networks
  • 024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399- Please call me service. Send a message to 024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399
  • 1515- To report Mobile Money fraud. Send a text to 1515 with the merchant’s name and date of incident
  • 02xxxxxxxx Simbox to 419- Report Simbox fraud
  • *585#- request internet settings
  • *1390#- Reserve your number for two years
  • *198#- Share credit with friends and family
  • *138*4#- supersaver bundles
  • *506#- to borrow credit
  • *585#- to check 4G device compatibility
  • *595#- to exempt/include yourself from mobile money interest payments to your account
  • *400#- to know if your number is registered
  • *144*number to recharge for*voucher number#- to recharge airtime for someone
  • Send STOP to 1355- unsubscribe from Caller Tunez
  • 109- voicemail receiving
  • 108- voicemail sending
  • *1552#- WeChat monthly data bundle
  • *138*16#- YouTube bundle
  • <register><4-digit pin number> send to 1329-register MTN Me2U Credit with family and friends

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