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MTN Mobile Phone Billing suspended on Google Play store.

MTN Mobile Phone Billing suspended on Google Play store.
MTN Mobile Money & Google Play Store.

Google Play store has indefinitely suspended MTN mobile phone billing as a payment option for Google play in Ghana.

This means that subscribers of MTN mobile money, can no longer use It as a payment option to transact business on Google Play Store. This was made known by Google Play Store in a statement sighted by HR Forum News.   

Though reasons for the suspension wasn’t cited, the directive takes took effect on the 31st of August, 2022. The statement made it known that, subscribers of other payment options such as Vodafone cash, AirtelTigo Cash and Bank Transfers could still be used for payments on play store.

On August 31st 2022, MTN mobile phone billing will be suspended indefinitely as a payment option for Google Play in Ghana.

New Play purchases in Ghana, including any recurring payments for your existing subscriptions, are no longer available using MTN mobile phone billing, but may be purchased with other forms of payment. Please see the links below on how to update your payment methods.

MTN Mobile Money users are encouraged to update their subscriptions to other payment options or platforms in order to prevent any service interruptions or inconvenience.

If you were using MTN mobile phone billing as your payment method for subscriptions, update your subscriptions to prevent any interruptions.

For additional information, you can learn how to manage your payment methods. You can also add other forms of payment to your Google Play account and select which you'd like to set as your primary payment option.

We appreciate you as a valued customer and thank you for choosing Google. If you have any questions, please contact us”, the statement added.

Copy of the statement below:

MTN Mobile Phone Billing suspended on Google Play store.

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Source: ghananews.hrforum.uk

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  1. As of now it seems all forms of mobile billing (MTN, VODAPHONE and AIRTELTIGO) has been suspended

  2. It's a counter-intiutive move,should we all be coerced imto get a credit card then ?