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Tamale Technical University (TATU) student portal.

Tamale Technical University (TATU) student portal.
Tamale Technical University (TATU) student portal.

Tamale Technical University (TATU) student portal: portal.tatu.edu.gh, was developed for current and future students of the university.

The sole purpose of the portal is to facilitate account creation and login for facilitating various academic processes, including but not limited to: course registration, fees payment, result checking, viewing admission lists and statuses, paying acceptance fees, viewing transcripts, adding extra credit hours, deferring admission, and many others.

In order to facilitate the various academic activities that need to be completed, GhanaNews.hrforum.uk has provided direct links to the website of the Tamale Technical University (TATU), inside this article.

Tamale Technical University (TATU) Student Portal

The official website for the Tamale Technical University (TATU) is tatu.edu.gh; please take note that the links below may be visited by computer or mobile device.

About Tamale Technical University (TATU)

Tamale Technical University, located in northern Ghana, is widely regarded as one of the best technical and vocational schools in all of Africa. Founded in 1951 as a vocational school, the institution morphed into the Technical Institute in 1963. Converted from a polytechnic in accordance with the Technical Universities Act of 2016, it was granted Technical University status in 2018. (Act 922).

The University of Ghana is a publicly funded, stand-alone, higher educational institution. Each and every one of the University's degree programmes has received approval from the National Accreditation Board (NAB). In the United Kingdom, the Higher National Diploma Programs are overseen by the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX).

Approximately 7,000 international students represent a wide range of cultures at the University. Numerous efforts are made to ensure that students come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Nigeria all have students enrolled right now. Diversity in the student body, a total focus on practical training, and close ties to the business world all contribute to the institution's high level of academic achievement.

As a technical university, Tamale Technical University is affiliated with the Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa. It is affiliated with the Conference of Rectors of Polytechnics and Vice-Chancellors of Technical Universities in Ghana and the Association of Principals of Technical Institutes in Ghana.

The University ranks well among international institutions for its contribution to practical scientific inquiry and technological innovation. The receipt of honours is one manifestation of this. In 2014, the institution won an award for its creativity, honesty, and development from the International Institute of Governance and Development in South Africa. At the 2014 Impact Africa-hosted 7th annual Inter-tertiary institution debate tournament in Africa, it was named Best Behaved Institution. Additionally in 2010, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College recognised the University cooperation for its dedication to fostering rural entrepreneurship. In 2018, the University of Ghana was recognised as the Best Performer in Tourism Education by the Ghana Tourism Authority.

Approximately two kilometres from Tamale's downtown core is where you'll find Tamale Technical University, which is situated in the city's Education Ridge neighbourhood. Online, you may find it at address NS-011-9772. Several major tourist destinations are within driving distance of the university because to its convenient location. In terms of travel time, it significantly shortens the trouble on the way to the Gambaga escarpment. The Laribanga mosque, Damongo wildlife reserve, Mognori ecovillage, and the Kulmasa traditional ceremonial site are all within reasonable driving distance.

For further information, contact the following lines:

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