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Ghana and Partners, unveil shared 5G Infrastructure Initiative.

Ghana and Partners, unveil shared 5G Infrastructure Initiative.
Ghana and Partners, unveil shared 5G Infrastructure Initiative.

The Government of Ghana has made a historic statement announcing a ground-breaking cooperation with seven industry giants to establish a new shared infrastructure with the goal of providing 5G mobile broadband services that are both cheap and accessible to the whole country.

The partnership is headed by the recently formed Next-Gen Infrastructure Company (NGIC) and involves telecoms, AT Ghana and Telecel Ghana, Ascend Digital, K-NET, Radisys, Nokia, and Tech Mahindra.

With NGIC in charge and a 5G licence in hand, there are plans to provide nationwide 5G services in the next six months, which would be a huge advancement for Ghana's digital environment. With plans to expand across Africa in the future, the programme pledges to redefine connection, promote economic development, and encourage digital inclusivity.

With a primary goal of enhancing the quality of life for Ghanaians, the collaboration intends to implement digital services in the areas of healthcare, education, and finance. By using peer-to-peer, peer-to-merchant, and merchant-to-merchant platforms, it hopes to close the digital gap and advance financial inclusion.

In line with communication service providers' goal of enhancing corporate and consumer markets with cutting-edge digital services, the partnership also aims to support NGIC's efforts in establishing network infrastructure and related services. Tech Mahindra will take the lead in building a Cloud Native Core Network, using top OEM platforms to promote efficiency and innovation.

The NGIC effort, which is modelled after India's successful mobile data paradigm, intends to duplicate high-speed mobile data availability on a large scale across Africa, beginning with Ghana.

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Minister of Communications and Digitalization, highlighted the shared 5G mobile broadband infrastructure's critical role in achieving Ghana's Digital Ghana goal and highlighted its ability to quickly roll out 5G services throughout the country.

Prominent figures in the industry, such as Mikko Lavanti, Senior Vice President of Nokia for the Middle East and Africa, indicated want to support Ghana's digital transformation efforts.

In order to usher in a new age of connectedness and advancement, the cooperative effort is setting out on an ambitious goal to promote innovation, generate opportunities, and harness Ghana's digital potential.

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