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30+ notable proverbs of A.B.A Fuseini.

30+ notable proverbs of A.B.A Fuseini.
30+ notable proverbs of A.B.A Fuseini.

Who hasn't at some point in their speech employed a proverb? Everybody has! We often use proverbs in our conversations. Being well-versed in proverbs can improve your communication abilities. A proverb is a piece of common wisdom that uses succinct and concise language mostly aimed at offering advice, teach or emphasize on morals and for making arguments. The majority of proverbs are based on regional customs, values, and beliefs. Proverbs may be literal or metaphorical.  In this article we will look at some proverbs of Alhassan Bashir Alhassan Fuseini (A.B.A Fuseini) who is a Ghanaian politician and outgoing Member of Parliament for the Sagnarigu Constituency in the Northern part of Ghana, 

1. When a widow has big buttocks, the elders do not waste time to bury her husband.

2. When a handshake reaches the elbow, it is no longer greetings, it is a defeat.

3. You do not need to announce the death of a man who died in the centre of a market.

4. Until mosquito step on your testicles, you won’t realize violence doesn’t solve all problems.

5. When you see a chief being beaten when entering a town, you don't ask about the situation there.

6. A man born by a Dagomba woman does not fear defeat.

7. The silent moment of a tiger is not the lack of strength; it is calculation of accuracy.

8. He who marries a beautiful wife has the same problem as the one who plant maze at the roadside.

9. A woman who gave birth to twins did not fear a big manhood.

10. If you fart in front of your in-law, just run to hug your wife.

11. When a lion keeps on patronizing the market place, it will oneday be mistaken for a puppy.

12. Everything is going up, except the height of the president.

13. When you hear the house is on fire, you don't ask if the roof is still standing.

14. When they say the building has fallen, you don't ask if the roof is still standing.

15. When you see someone selling his pregnant goat, it means there’s trouble at home.

16. They will never know the importance of their buttocks until it develops boils.

17. The wind that blow a woman skirt is the same wind that blow dust to a man's eyes.

18. It’s the mischief of the mosquitoes that enables the ordinary man to slap the chief.

19. If reasoning is inhibited by emotions failure is inevitable.

20. When you eat a full cow and you are not satisfied, what will the intestines of a fowl do to you?

21.  You don't use big penis to threaten twin's mother.

22. When a thief kisses you, don't forget to count your teeth.

23. When you see elders rushing to go and burry a family man, just know that he left behind a widow with big buttocks.

24. When your cloth is too small, you cannot have big pockets on your shirt to attract delegates.

25. When pepper settles on the forehead of a person, it is a sign of danger to the eyes.

26. It is only the HE goat at the ‘mayanka’ that knows the sharpness of Abotsi’s knife.

27. When delegates say you have won in an election that is yet to be held, do not drink in jubilation. Rather, ask for extension of time.

28. If a thief, ask you to go to court know that his brother is the judge.

29. Mr. Speaker, when the weather becomes cold, all women are beautiful.

30. Let’s use this opportunity to adore all the women in the house… Happy Mothers’ Day

31. If a man dies in the marketplace, there’s no need announcing his death.

32. If a delegate is your father, disown him before u go to an election, the anger in him will force him to vote for you.

33. When a big man’s dog bites you, give it to God.

34. He who don’t fear delegate is digging his own grave.

35. If you want to watch the underscore of your in-law, you give her a hill top farm.

36. A woman who wants to get pregnant does not wear panties to bed.

37. They don’t like vulture but vulture is flying.

38. When you want to know your value, contest an election.

39. A risk taker is someone who has a running stomach and still farts comfortably in public.

40. A hunter who does not hunt far from home will one-day kill his domestic animal.

41. When a judgement delays at the chief palace just understand that the poor one has right.

42. When you're caught on top of the chief's wife, you don't stop; just continue because you'll definitely be killed.

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