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Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.
Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

Commander or Sergeant are the most frequent terms used to address a Ghanaian police officer in public or inside a police station.

Calling an officer by a rank that they have not yet attained is improper regardless of whether they are trying not to undermine the officer's status or if they are ignorant of the aforementioned.

The Ghana Police Service's primary ranks and information are shown here.

Ghana Police Service

The Ghana Police Service (GPS), which is a division of the interior ministry, is the country's top law enforcement organisation.

Around 30,000 officers are employed by the service in 651 locations.

The main duties of the Ghanaian police force are crime prevention, detection, and prosecution.


Every police officer in Ghana is given a certain division to work in and a particular rank.

Each of these levels has two subordinate officers and a senior officer.

When addressing a law enforcement officer by rank, always check for a symbol on their shoulder to identify them.


Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

A police sergeant is a police supervisor who is in charge of supervising, organising, assessing, and reviewing the work of the police officers that report to him.

He or she also participates in police operations and plans section activity.

Identity: Three chevrons are seen on each sleeves.

Regional Sergeant–Major

Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

A senior official selected by the government to manage the business of the regions they are in charge of is known as a regional sergeant major.

Among other things, their duties include overseeing all the police personnel in their area in compliance with national guidelines of the Ghana Police Service, discipline, welfare, and morale.

Lance – Corporal

Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

The lowest ranking non-commissioned officer is a lance corporal, which is below the rank of corporal.

This individual is in charge of overseeing the safety of a select number of policemen.

Identity: A single chevron on each sleeve.


Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

Corporals are the next rung up from Lance corporals and are responsible for ensuring that all police personnel, both on and off duty, adhere to the Police Service's standards for work performance, physical fitness, and appearance, including the correct wearing of uniforms.

They also facilitate communication between higher-ranking commanders and the rest of the military.

Identity: Two chevrons worn on both sleeves


Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

Inspectors are among the highest ranked officials in the Ghana Police Service. If you advance to the position of police inspector, you will have more administrative responsibilities than a sergeant.

A police inspector examines everything, including personnel, records, community behaviour, and physical infrastructure.

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), the top officer in the Ghana Police Service, is chosen by the President of Ghana.

Identity: Three white metal bars with stars affixed in the centre. 

Chief Inspector

Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

The Chief Inspector is in charge of organising, overseeing, and keeping track of activities.

They are in charge of setting up a strategy for the effective and efficient deployment of resources to significant and/or critical situations.

It is among the highest levels in the Ghanaian police hierarchy.

Identity: Each of the four white metal bars has a black star affixed in the middle.

District Sergeant-Major

Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

The District Sergeant-Major is one of the highest ranking jobs in any Ghanaian district.

He or she oversees the activities of the district's police officers.

You are under the District Chief Command at this position. The District Sergeant Major performs the duties of a Sergeant Major at the district level, as was previously mentioned.

Identity: A metal emblem in the shape of a star encircled by laurel leaves that is worn on the left sleeve.


Ghana Police Ranks, Symbol, Establishment And Duties.

A constable is a member of the Ghana Police Service who is assigned to a certain duty within the force.

Moreover, it is the lowest position in the police department.

Hence, a constable is a police officer who has taken the oath of office.

Despite the fact that this is the lowest rank, volunteers may be sworn in as constables, operate alongside police officers without pay, and do specific tasks for which they have volunteered.

Personality: Nil

Duties of the Ghana Police Service

The maintenance of peace and unity in a community is one of the many responsibilities expected of personnel of the Ghana Police Service.

These are the main responsibilities of the Ghana Police, which are stated in accordance with the constitution and in order of importance, in addition to the Ghana Police Ranks. And they are as follows:

  • To arrest offenders.
  • Protection of lives and property of Ghanaian citizens.
  • To investigate matters pertaining to crime.
  • Power to prevent crime occurrence.
  • Power to maintain and saturate law and order in our society.
  • Power for crime detection.

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