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Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Taxpayers’ Portal & App.

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Taxpayers’ Portal & App.
Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Taxpayers’ Portal & App.

What is the Taxpayers’ Portal or App?

It is an online taxpayer self-service system that enables users to file tax returns, start payments, and access other tax-related services.

What can I do on the Taxpayers’ Portal or App?

  • File your returns
  • Initiate payment of your taxes
  • Apply for Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Apply for Tax Reliefs
  • Apply for Withholding Exemptions
  • View your Receipts and Tax Credits
  • Apply for Tax Refunds
  • View Tax Statements
  • Update your GRA information (eg. Contact details, etc.)
  • Make other requests to your Tax Office

How do I access the online system?

This system can be accessed through;

  • The Ghana Taxpayers’ App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • The GRA Taxpayers’ Portal by typing taxpayersportal.com in your browser.

How do I download the Ghana Taxpayers’ App on my Android or iOS mobile device?

How different is the GRA Taxpayers’ Portal from the Ghana.Gov platform?

While Ghana.gov is largely a platform for digital services and payments, the taxpayers' portal is primarily used for the filing of returns and the generation of tax bills.

How secure is the Taxpayers’ Portal or App?

GRA has established information security rules and procedures that are in compliance with the ISO 27001:2013 standard. This integrated set of policies and standards safeguards your account from being accessed by unauthorised individuals.

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Source: GRAHost: ghananews.hrforum.uk

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