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Cancerous substance found in some ‘brukina’ drinks–Noguchi.

Cancerous substance found in some ‘brukina’ drinks–Noguchi.
Brukina, the locally prepared drink with millet and dairy milk.

Flavotoxins, a class of fungi-produced toxins, linked with cancer, have been detected in samples of 'Brukina' and the millet and dairy milk used to manufacture it.

The findings of a study, published in the Ghana Medical Journal by the University of Ghana's Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, indicated this.

A report from myjoyonline said that, in order to test the amounts of aflatoxins in the locally-prepared drink, certain samples of Brukina were purchased from manufacturers in Nima and Ashaiman for a period of seven months.

A total of 21 samples taken from each location.

A sample from Ashaiman and two from Nima were found to have excessive amounts of aflatoxins following further analysis.

In addition, significant levels of aflatoxin were found in 12 Ashaiman samples and 10 Nima samples of dairy milk.

Ashaiman provided two further millet samples containing the carcinogenic chemical, while Nima provided six millet samples containing the same material.

Brukina producers and farmers should be closely monitored and educated on proper storage procedures, according to toxicologist and director of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Prof. Regina Appiah-Oppong. 

She says this will help protect the public from the health risks associated with consuming the popular drink.

Source: ghananews.hrforum.uk

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