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50% of Ghanaian doctors now working abroad – Report.

50% of Ghanaian doctors now working abroad – Report.
50% of Ghanaian doctors now working abroad – Report.

The latest Ghana Human Development Report highlights a concerning trend: a significant number of healthcare professionals are leaving Ghana due to poor working conditions.

Titled ‘The Future Value of Work in Ghana,’ the report, a collaboration between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Statistical Service, and National Development Planning Commission, reveals that 24% of locally trained nurses and 50% of doctors have moved abroad.

According to the report, this exodus poses a serious threat to Ghana’s healthcare system, potentially leading to its collapse if immediate action isn’t taken. Despite demonstrating resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ghana’s health sector faced challenges such as shortages of essential supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE) and skilled personnel.

The report advocates for urgent reforms to address these issues, including improvements in working conditions and the adoption of a comprehensive health policy that encompasses health promotion, palliative care, and rehabilitative services. It also suggests a life course approach to healthcare delivery, aiming to better serve vulnerable groups like the elderly and persons with disabilities.

In summary, the report underscores the critical need for Ghana to stem the loss of healthcare professionals and bolster its health system to meet current and future challenges effectively.

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