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Guiding Students' to make fruitful career choices.

Guiding Students' to make fruitful career choices.
Guiding Students' to make fruitful career choices.

The idea of a career choice is one I consider a collective responsibility, one which involves parents, teachers, church /religious leaders and community elders.  Back were the days when socialising a child was a collective duty of all in the society regardless of whether they were one’s biological child or not.

The child on his or her own wouldn’t be able to make fruitful career choices because in their state of naivety, they are bound to make unguarded choices or preferences not wary of the consequences or future outcomes. I very much remember how during my childhood days, I made various preferences with respect to what I wanted to become in future. From a Pilot, Doctor, Soldier, Artist, Actor just name them.

And most of us have gone through this phase. Today, I’m an Administrator and Public Relations expert far from all the other professions and career ideas, I kept talking about back then. Again, parents and teachers must play critical roles in identifying, mentoring and developing the potentials of our young ones so they make fruitful career decisions.

There are several ways children and the youth are able to realise their calling and purpose as individuals. Through play, availing oneself for leadership roles are some of the ways children can identify and develop their calling and chosen career path. In the church, one can be a societal leader, a youth leader or even be part of a society to enable one play active roles in the group.

In the school, one can avail themselves for extra curriculum activities designed to unearth and develop potential such as drama troupes, intra-class and inter-sports competitions, indoor games just to mention a few. Famously, class and school prefectural positions are other ways one can identify their calling and career paths. I will also want to add that, not necessarily taking up these roles and that sorts it all but the depiction of certain leadership traits removes the veil on one’s calling or career path.

To add, a display of sheer commitment, zeal and passion in all these roles is key in the unveiling process. You don’t expect to get results, when you do not put yourself into what you are doing.  For me, I developed my interest in the communications profession or career via the football fraternity. An ardent fan and follower of the game I am and always is, enthused seeing sports analyst, journalist and pundits sit to talk about the game in a most passionate and interesting way. All that aroused my interest.

Naturally, I’m a born talkative and developing interest in the field of communication was a great pair just like a monkey, having found its cherished banana fruit and was one to be highly proud of. By then, I was aged 14 just like many young ones now. This new found passion and dream continued throughout my secondary education till I made it to the Ghana Institute of Journalism, a specialised school in communication career training.

Even there, I realised I can be good at the art of promoting goods and services as well as building and sustaining organisational cum client relationship hence giving me another career option aside just being a journalist but can go on and be a publicist and a public relations professional.

This, the famous adage, “Killing two birds with a stone” will perfectly fit. With my communication and talking finesse, I could go on and become anything the art of communication could serve.

When it comes to choosing course options for secondary school, I further reiterate or emphasise on the guidance of parents as well as teachers in selecting these courses based on the strengths and weaknesses of their young ones in whom lie the future of this nation. I make reference to Parents and teachers because they know these young ones better than anyone else.

I want to admonish that one should not look and copy blindly what a friend is doing and also do same. Always know you are unique from your friend or peers. Your strengths and weaknesses and your friends or peers’ strengths and weaknesses are not the same. And so what he might choose and can do, you might not be able to do. Rather, listen to your parents and teachers and follow their directions or instructions because they know you better and will make your life a meaningful one as far as your chosen career is concerned.

And finally, all students at all levels should take their studies seriously because you cannot be what you want to be if you are not educated and do not pass your exams well enough to progress on the academic ladder. Kindly have that in mind. Remember, “Hard work is the key to Success” which does not break any bones.

Let’s all come together as stakeholders of our beloved society and make it a better place to be in. Your comments and views are welcome in the comment section below. And for further consultation or questions, please email to hrforumonline@gmail.com.

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