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McDan Convicted for Contempt by High Court.

McDan Convicted for Contempt by High Court.
McDan Convicted for Contempt by High Court.

A High Court has found respected business tycoon Daniel McKorley, sometimes known as McDan, guilty of defying a judge's instructions.

The presiding judge, Judge Kweku Tawiah Ackaah-Boafo, said in a report by the state-run news agency Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, that he condemned McDan to dispel the myth that the wealthy and powerful in Ghana may disregard the law with ease.

He has been given a deadline to pay a GH40,000 fine or face a 21-day prison sentence for noncompliance.

According to a GNA report, on May 20, 2020, a man named Al-Hassan Iddisah filed a contempt lawsuit against the proprietor of the McDan Group conglomerate for grabbing disputed property in the affluent East Legon area by force.

The applicant said that from 2002 until McDan forcibly stole the property from him with the aid of the Madina Circuit Court and certain police officials, he had been the owner of two pieces of land entrusted to him by his mother and wife. Al-Hassan Iddisah, however, brought the case to the High Court, where it was determined that he was the rightful owner of the in dispute land.

The affluent businessman was reportedly requested to leave the property for Al-Hassan, but he refused, forcing Iddisah to bring a case of contempt.

“It is rather a sanction to serve the administration of justice in the public interest that the law is no respecter of persons and their status in the society,” the GNA report quoted the judge after before convicting McDan.

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