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Lecturers I got PhD openings for, plotted my ousting - Dr. Dzisah.

Lecturers I got PhD openings for, plotted my ousting - Dr. Dzisah.
Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah, former Rector of G.I.J.

Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), now University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC), Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah has been speaking about circumstances under which he was kicked out as the rector of the former premier communication studies institution.

Describing his removal as unfair, Dr. Dzisah was unhappy that some lecturers he secured opportunities for to further their studies, plotted his supposed ousting.

He made the remarks on the Point Blank segment on Eyewitness News on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

“I travelled to the University of Westminster, the school where I did my PhD to have a memorandum of understanding between GIJ and Westminster to ensure that some of our staff can take advantage of the PhD programmes so that we can upgrade staff and while there, tried to ensure that staff got admission. Some of these same lecturers were in Ghana planting stories that I had taken money and travelled [outside the country].”

He said one of the lecturers he had secured admission for to secure his PhD at the University of Westminster was among the staff that sent anonymous letters to the media to tarnish his image.

“This particular lecturer had applied several times without being given admission and I had to go there and talked to the people because I have been there and told them we were going to back him to do it. So on the basis of that, the dean assured me, and he was admitted, yet he was one of the people sitting down here writing anonymous letters.”

Dr. Wilberforce Dzisah was sacked as Rector of GIJ in a letter dated Friday, March 23, 2018.

He was initially ordered to proceed on leave in December 2017 over alleged infractions in “procurement practices” and allegations of academic integrity.

Dr. Dzisah who felt he was treated unfairly sued the Governing Council of GIJ and subsequently won the case.

The court, presid­ed over by Justice Frank Aboagye Rockson, ordered the university to pay Dr. Dzisah all entitlements due him at the current bank interest rate for the remain­der of his unexpired fixed term as Rector of the GIJ.

The court further directed the defendants to pay Dr. Dzisah, an additional six-month salary at the prevailing interest rate.

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