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Registrar General to erase 513,338 defaulting business names.

Registrar General to erase 513,338 defaulting business names.
Mrs. Jemima Oware, Registrar General.

The process of removing 513,338 lapsed company names from the Business Names Register due to failure to renew them has begun by the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC).

The procedure complies with Section 5A (2) of the 1962 Act 150 (Registration of Business Names Act) regarding yearly renewals.

The act reads: “Without prejudice to any other liability prescribed by this act, a registration which is not renewed in accordance with this section shall LAPSE and the registrar may remove from the register the business name of the person whose registration has lapsed after the expiration of the period prescribed for the renewal.”

According to a document signed by the Registra General, Mrs. Jemima Oware, a business name (sole proprietorship) or subsidiary business name is available for use by anybody for a period of three months after the end of the year if it is not renewed during that time.

“Therefore, to avoid such business names falling into the public domain and for anyone of interest to use them after they have been struck off the Business Names Register, all business name owners are entreated to renew their business names before the end of April 2023,” the statement said.


It said business name owners could be in good standing by renewing their business names through the short code *222# and follow the prompts to make payment on the Ghana.Gov payment platform with their mobile money (MoMo) wallet, “or walk into our offices across the country and make payment at our in-house Fidelity Bank”.
The statement advised the public to avoid the use of intermediaries and agents when transacting business with the
Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC).

“We entreat our clients to ignore all calls or text messages from fraudsters purporting to be ‘lawyers’ or staff of the office and demanding mobile money transfers in order to put their businesses in good standing.

“Kindly note that the office does not have nor operate a mobile money account or have designated any lawyer for that purpose,” the statement advised business owners.

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