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Current Jobs in Ghana and Ghana jobs CV template.

Current Jobs in Ghana and Ghana jobs CV template for jobs in Ghana.
Current Jobs in Ghana and Ghana jobs CV template

When applying for current jobs in Ghana and foreign employment and learning opportunities, you will require a curriculum vitae, popularly known as a CV.

The word curriculum vitae explain plainly as course of life. CVs place a lot emphasis on presenting one’s educational background and qualifications as they do upon the presentation of professional experience and particular job skills.

By adopting a CV template for Ghana jobs and others, you will be able to design your own curriculum vitae quickly. It will have to include a summary of your job experience, academic history, teaching and research experience, publications, awards and hobbies/interests.

However, have in mind that your CV will vary per your industry, as well as whether you are designing a CV for an international position. Be certain you design your curriculum vitae to suit the current jobs you are applying for in Ghana or elsewhere.



Dan Sarpong




Name: Dan Sarpong                                                                                                                  

Nationality: Ghanaian

Marital Status: Single                                                                                                                

Gender: Male


A buoyant business professional with the purpose of empowering systems & corporations through efficient administrative & personnel management approaches. NB: The above objective is a sample which you can customise to suit your profession.


Communication skills, Managerial Skills, Team player, Results oriented, Time conscious, Disciplined, Determined, Confidentiality, Multi-tasking, Customer care, Research, Attention to detail just to mention a few.


Mention in inverse sequential order (most recent experiences first); include position details and dates. NB: If you are a fresh graduate, your educational qualifications should come above your employment history. Also, state your National Service experience where applicable.

Administrative Manager at Ghana Jobs Ltd (2018 to present)

·         Assist create presentations and other management-level reports.

·         Coordinate schedules, appointments and bookings.

·         Handling correspondence, complaints and enquiries.

·         Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory.

Deputy Admin Manager at Ghana Current Jobs Ltd (2016 to 2018)


·         Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory.

·         Dealing with complaints, correspondence and queries.

·         Liaising with staff, suppliers and clients.

·         Oversee adherence to office policies and procedures.

Administrative Personnel at Jobs Ghana Ltd (2012 to 2015)


·         Maintenance of a safe and secure working environment.

·         Coordinate schedules, appointments and bookings.

·         Dealing with complaints, correspondence and queries.

·         Oversee adherence to office policies and procedures.


Mention in inverse sequential order and add dates, majors, and details of degrees for each school you attended starting from the highest down to the lowest qualification. You can as well add other learning courses. You can add specifics about your thesis in this section, if required. For example,

Year                      Institution

2017-2022                ABC University [Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Leadership]

2015-2016                XYZ University (MA/MSc/MPhil in Human Resource Mgt.)

2010-2014                XYZ University (BA in Comm. Studies)

2006-2010               CBG High School or SHS (W.A.S.S.C.E)

1999-2006               Basic Education or Primary/JHS (B.E.C.E)


·         Had a 1-Month training program with ABL services limited on HR Analytics and Budgeting

·         Two-weeks training program at the University of GF Business School on Human Resource Management.


Professional qualifications and credential examples are as follows:

·         Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) from Institute of Public Relations, Ghana.

·         Chartered Accountant from ICAG

·         Accredited HR practitioner from IHRMP Ghana.

·         Affiliate member of CIMG, Ghana.

·         Grade 3 certificate in French fluency from Alliance Francaise.


If you have taken part in any voluntary/community service engagements, such as serving on a committee or presiding over a department, mention it. Include your title if you had one. See the example below:

  •  Campaign co-ordinator for SRC presidential candidate on XYZ university campus for the 2013/2014 academic year. 
  •  President of ABC Students Union in my parish (ABC Catholic Church, Ghana) from the year 2012 to 2014. 


Add any honors or awards you have gained that are applicable to the job you want.

·         Employee of the year award for 2017.

·         Four-time employee of the month award winner between, January to  April, 2020.

·         Most promising sales person award for year 2019.


Mention any significant publications, research works you have worked on, or expert presentations you have given. You might divide these into subsections.

·         Presentations at conferences

·         Books/Journals

·         Articles/Publications

·         Research Projects/Programs


This section is optional. Include any interests that are at least somewhat relevant to your professional interests.


This section can be written as, “available upon request”. This is so because information on the reference section takes up a lot of space that can be used to add more information about your tangible accomplishments and experience. You can take it off, as in most cases an employer would presume you have appropriate references.

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