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NDC likely to lose more Volta votes in 2024 - Ben Ephson.

NDC likely to lose more Volta votes in 2024 - Ben Ephson.
NDC likely to lose more Volta votes in 2024 - Ben Ephson.

According to pollster Ben Ephson, the results of the 2024 elections for the National Democratic Congress would be negatively impacted by events in the Volta Region if not checked.

The region has always served as the NDC's stronghold. However, Mr. Ephson claims, in the 2020 elections, it suffered a 6.6% vote loss in the region.

The party that has been in opposition since 2016 has undoubtedly "lost favour with a sizable number of citizens from the Volta Region.

On Monday, November 14, 2022, Mr. Ephson made these statements in a conversation with Kwamina Sam Biney, the host of Angel FM's Anopa Bofo morning programme.

Despite the party's preparations to present a strong front in the elections of 2024 in an attempt to unseat the ruling New Patriotic Party, demands are being made of it that might further thwart those efforts.

Currently, supporters of the NDC are urging the leadership to choose John Mahama's running mate from the region; the pollster claims that if the leadership ignores this demand, it would have an impact on the party.

The Daily Dispatch Managing Editor argued that, Greater Accra is a swing region, and there are a sizeable number of people living here [Accra] who are from the Volta region, so the result from Volta will reflect in Greater Accra.

"So whether you let Ade [the beaten Greater Accra Regional Chairman] go or Ashie Moore [newly elected NDC Regional Chairman for Greater Accra] comes or whoever comes in, if that their demand is not adhered to, it will reflect negatively in the NDC's performance in Greater Accra.

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Source: ghananews.hrforum.uk

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