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Fulfill your promises to people of Salaga South - Kevin Taylor.

Fulfill your promises to people of Salaga South - Kevin Taylor.
Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor (Left) and Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahima (Right).

Media personality and CEO of Loud Silence Radio, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has asked Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahima, MP for Salaga South Constituency to focus on delivering the promises she made to people of her constituency prior to the 2020 elections. 

He said this on his Facebook wall, monitored by GHANA News ONLINE. And according to him, after  she won the 2020 parliamentary elections, madam Zuwera has lost focus and is not delivering on her mandate as MP for the constituency.

“The NDC Member of Parliament for Salaga South Constituency should focus on the trust people within her constituency imposed in her by delivering on the very things she promised before 2020 Elections.

“After winning the 2020 seat with just 1439 votes in the 2020 parliamentary elections, she has forgotten her core mandate and the many promises she made to her people and dabbling in things that will eventually lead to her handing over the seat to the NPP.”

Mr. Taylor added that, Madam Zuwera has failed to be accessible and has an arrogant posturing towards persons who critique her work as member of parliament. In his view, she has failed to perform her duties and has created a culture of silence, most especially within those around her.

“She has failed to be accessible and the worst of it is her bossy posture against people who critique her performance as an MP.

“Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahim is not delivering on her promise to the constituents of Salaga south, and she has grown into a tigress you dare not speak truth to.”

The host of ‘With All Due Respect’ program advised her to sit up and be counted, especially being a first time MP. He finally added that, even if she manages to scheme her way to win the primaries, she certainly cannot be guaranteed of winning the national elections, should she not change her attitude.

“As a first term MP in parliament, one would have thought she will be working hard to retain the seat for the NDC and equally make a good case for herself.

“If she fails to behave right in that constituency and think she can manipulate the NDC primaries to win, she should know her chances of losing the main election is extremely high and some of us would make sure we make that happen by making sure she Loses to learn a bitter lesson. Madam MP, don’t press the self-destructive button yet.”

Kevin Taylor Facebook post below:

Source: ghananews.hrforum.uk

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